About the Band

A New England based Ska, Punk, Rock band originally formed in 1998 (while all members were in high school) and making music through 2003 these dudes won the title of "Best Young Band in Maine" at the Reindeer Records Rock-Off in 1999 (beating the now-renowned artist Howie Day... just for the record) and "Best Ska/Rockabilly Band in Maine" by the Portland Phoenix 2001. 

The BRK had crazy times and lots of fun playing prominent (and also much less prominent) venues throughout New England with Rustic Overtones, The Toasters, Pietasters, Bim Skala Bim and the J. Geils Band.

They had just entered the studio again and begun recording a new album in 2002 when life happened and they all went their separate quasi-grown-up ways, bringing an end to a wonderful era of Ska in Maine...

Fast forward 18 years in the future...

Now that they're fully grown up and have their priorities straightened out they are back at it once again!!

Who would have guessed that in the futuristic world of 2020 this band has reunited and returned to the studio to bring their unique rock and roll influences to the ska revival we so badly need.

Meet the guys:


 paul newton

Paul Newton

Jayme Tardiff

Jayme Tardiff

Nick Macdonald

Nick MacDonald

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson